Our Process

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Our Process

Along with originality, creativity and cleverness, you need a plan.

Our process is simple, and by simple we mean uncomplicated yet robust. We start with planning, we continue through the build and we offer support for you to maintain your investment so it pays off long term. We don’t make it arduous, in fact we think it’s fun. Who doesn’t love time to talk about their loftiest aspirations and then see them come to life?

Here’s the thing, we’re self-confessed geeks but we’re people first. We know we’re experts in our fields and for us that means explaining what we do at your pace – whether we have to speed up or slow down. We mean it when we say you become part of our family; your secrets are safe with us. We’ll give you all the support you need in every way you need it.

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Planning your website

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We can take your business wherever you want to go; let’s plan it.

Planning your site isn’t hard and it doesn’t have to be complicated. We start with understanding what you want to achieve; a simple online brochure, a fully optimised ecommerce solution, a site that will showcase your entire body of work beautifully or something else altogether. We’ll ask the obvious questions and some that may surprise you. And we’ll make suggestions… because that’s what you want.

Once we’ve nailed the concept the fun work begins: information architecture (your navigation and menus) and wireframing (the blueprint for how your pages will look); keyword research and SEO planning; and of course, our fabulous graphic design. This is where you’ll start to get excited, yes about your look and feel and also where your customers will come from.

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Building your website

The devil’s in the detail; seamless functionality and stunning design.

Whether you have a custom site or a beautifully tailored template, building your site is where we get busy. We won’t bother you with the boring bits (the technical puzzles are what we love, but you don’t have to) but we’ll keep you regularly updated with progress. If you’re working on content through this stage, you’ll be busy too – or you can hand the whole project to us and our professional content writers.

We’ll do the testing; we want nothing short of perfection. We might tweak a few things, and develop even better solutions. We’ll certainly offer you choices and they’ll be in language you understand. As the build comes together we’ll work with your team so they know what to expect and when they can expect it. And when we’re done, we’ll even teach you how to use it to your best ongoing advantage.

Maintaining your website

Maintaining your website for exponential return on investment.

Maintaining your website involves two core elements; updating your content (Search Engines love this) and updating your software. Once we go live it’s your baby, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help. Our hosting packages can include updating your software and backing up. We offer ongoing SEO support including pay per click (PPC) and Social Media campaigns. We can even put you in touch with regular content providers.

Our goal is for your website to more than deliver to what you set out to achieve. We build it so you can reach the stratosphere independently and with ease. You get to fly, but that doesn’t mean we’ll let you fall. We’re here when you need us with access to every kind of support you could need. Like we said, you become part of our family and we take great care of you.